Parents ‘wrongly blamed for speech problems’

Parents ‘wrongly blamed for speech problems’

By Hannah Richardson via BBC News

A survey for the Communication Trust reveals common misconceptions about the cause of serious communication difficulties.

The charity says the exact cause of such problems is often unknown.

Parents know more about milestones in the development of walking than of talking, it adds.

The poll of 6,000 people, including 3,000 parents, was carried out to explore perceptions about children’s speech and language development.

It suggested half of parents thought serious communication difficulties were caused by parents not talking to their children enough.

One in six blamed excessive TV-watching or computer use.

However, one in five of those polled considered biological or genetic reasons as a possible cause of problems.

The research for government-backed charitable group the Communication Trust also suggested that one in three parents have had concerns about their children’s speech and language development.

It is being published to launch the group’s year-long “Hello” campaign to improve services for children with speech and language problems. The group of 40 bodies involved in tackling communication problems is working to improve access to specialist help and support.

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